Helping you develop affordable housing, recover from disasters and revitalize communities.

Legal and consulting firm leveraging over 25 years experience forging successful public-private partnerships at national and local levels.

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Proven Track Record

29 yrs
of Experience
15 public + 14 private
HUD funds managed
Affordable Homes Developed
Reduction of Homelessness
in Houston

Where We Focus

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Affordable Housing

Funding and development requires a deep knowledge of both government and private processes, HUD regulations and community connections. We can help.

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Neal has assisted clients in production of thousands of affordable homes—funded with hundreds of millions of private debt and low-income housing tax credit equity combined with federal and local dollars.

Disaster Recovery

Our high level of proficiency in obtaining and managing CDBG-DR funds will streamline your ability to restore safety and hope within your community.

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Neal led the CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT programs nationally as HUD Assistant Secretary and led Houston's CDBG-DR program as Housing Director.

Community Development

You want your city to thrive, and so do we. Whether it’s revitalization or redevelopment we know how to utilize CDBG funds for infrastructure to support housing.

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Neal played a key role in the revitalization of downtown Houston through redevelopment of historic buildings, hotels and public housing.

Public-Private Partnerships

Misunderstandings make public-private partnerships unnecessarily slow and frustrating. Our unique expertise on both sides ensures mutual success.

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Neal facilitated the development of a Grocery Store in a Food Desert, and secured tax incentives for corporate relocations, the oil industry and manufacturing facilities. He is an expert in P3 creation and tax increment financing.

Why Rackleff?

Neal’s prime directive is meeting the needs of the people government serves.

He is an effective intermediary who can help you prevent or solve problems in leveraging public funding. His 29-year career includes 15 years in the private sector and 14 years in the public sector.  Through this experience, he has learned what matters most to developers and to the governmental officials funding projects.

His leadership at national and local levels has strengthened his skill to communicate across the aisle and develop trust through a strong commitment to honesty and transparency.

The People We Serve

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Affordable Housing Developers

We help public and private (for profit or non-profit) developers with LIHTC, HUD and local funding.

State and Local Government Leaders

We assist with federal compliance and streamlining systems to repair, replace and improve single and multi-family housing and infrastructure.

Businesses seeking Government Partnerships

We help leverage public resources to achieve objectives neither the private or public sector could achieve alone.

Nonprofit Organizations

We provide counsel and technical assistance to organizations focused on affordable housing and community development.

What People Are Saying

"Neal possesses a finely tuned understanding of complex funding streams. He also has the ability to work productively with elected officials, housing advocates and developers, focusing each initiative in a way that benefits all citizens."

Joy Horak-Brown
President and CEO of New Hope Housing

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